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Sukanya Samriddhi Account is another welcome step from Govt of India. Honorable Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narendra Modi launched Sukanya Samriddhi Account “A Small Savings Scheme” on 22nd January, 2015. It is part of “Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao” initiative of Government of India. It is commendable that Govt of India is taking steps to change the mindset of people towards Girl Child.

Of the numerous social elevation schemes that the current government at center has floated for various sections of the society, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana is said to be quite a noble and relevant one for protecting the rights of girl child in the country. The fate of girl child is not very decent in many rural districts in India with more or less the same state being in every part of the country. It is high time that such schemes are brought into the foray and implemented in the best possible way to see better practical results.

EasyGov would like to thank Mr. Modi for launching such schemes like Sukanya Samriddhi Account, so that our country can wake up feel where we are heading as a developing nation. In such a society launching such initiatives is a big boost and we will be able to see a lot changes in our society. But maybe not that fast as we are expecting.

Despite sincere efforts from Govt of India, the problem of proper implementation of schemes remains a distant dream. EasyGov would like to highlight a recent issue faced in Ghaziabad related to SSA, where EasyGov tried to open a SSY Account for its client. The authorities at the post office said that the IT systems are being upgraded and would be functional in next 10-12 days. Even after 10 days the answer was same that it would take more time to upgrade the system. It is unfortunate to see, when India has become so technologically advance why a government scheme that was launched recently faces such issues of technology and why is there no alternate way set to overcome such issues or an alternative way to avail the scheme.

Despite so many efforts by the Indian government, implementation of such schemes at the ground level remains a challenge across the country. This state of affairs has been seen in Ghaziabad which one of the most developed areas with high density of population, since the scheme has been launched throughout the country it will be difficult to analyze its proper implementation in districts that are not advanced and sometimes even lacks proper electricity and water supply.

It is quite commendable that such move has been made by the government to restore the life and dignity of girls in India and change the common mind set of people. It is however; quite surprising and disappointing that still India faces prolonged technological issues and issues at ground level which go unnoticed.

The government should address the problems in delivery of its services and implementation of schemes to accelerate the growth in the country. Though the government had been bringing in a number of policies and programmes aimed at fueling the growth, the hurdles at the field level stop their effective reach to the target people and lead to a slow growth.

Many government schemes would lead to significant growth if they were implemented with the same letter and spirit that was seen during the announcement of them. The successful implementation of social sector schemes requires a great deal of commitment and administrative coordination. Hope our government shifts it focus on implementation.

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