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Who has more at Stake ? Citizens or Government – Police verification

Bribery in India is not something unknown and unheard of. We all have been under a situation where we have paid Bribe to get our work done sometimes willingly at other times unwillingly. But none of us is untouched of its viciousness. We live in a Country of Bribe, where nothing gets done until the right palm is greased with the right amount. One in two Indians regularly pays bribes when dealing with public institutions, police officers and government officials. Bribery has undermined the importance of some most crucial government services like Police Verification. The main focus in this blog is not around corruption or Bribery, a lot has already been said and discussed about that, but around those government services which benefits government more than the citizens and still a citizen has to pay bribe to avail those services. For a citizen such services are certainly required but not a necessity especially when a citizen has to face corruption while availing such services. One such service is Police Verification. This Blog has been written after a personal experience faced by Easy Gov team over Bribery during Police Verification in one of the renowned Districts of NCR. Indeed Police verification serves many purposes. It serves as a huge deterrent for the hired help/servant/maid or tenant. Also, police verification can check up on whether the servant in question has any previous criminal record or not. The verified data helps the police tremendously, during investigation as well as keep criminals vigilant and reduces wrongdoing and unlawful activities.

Verification of prospective workers/helpers like servant, maid, nanny, gardener, guard and tenants is an important tool for reducing the risk of crime and unlawful practices that could affect our family and society. Undeniably it is important for our safety and security to get police verifications done. But isn’t that police verifications are more helpful to the country than the individuals. For individuals it saves the persons family and close ones but for a nation it provides security and safety to the entire nation. We are well versed with the dire consequences when people are not verified by police, it also gives rise to terrorism as many a times a terrorist can be masked under a house help whose motive can be to harm the nation.

Government must understand the importance of police verification for a nation to grow and thus make the service as transparent and convenient as possible. Police Verification should not be treated as a service to benefit society or citizen but as a service to safeguard the entire nation. For any nation’s government safeguarding the country is of prime importance and thus it is vital that the process of police verification is made simpler and corruption free. Mistrustful and doubtful people increase the threat of terrorism and terrorist attack and thus hinders nation’s ability to do business internationally as well as impedes economic growth of the nation. The economy collapses and results in political instability. Terrorism also loses people’s faith in its government leading to discomfort amongst its citizens. Thus police verification affects the nation more than any individual or society.

Why can’t government make the police verification service as easily accessible as Tax system of India? Government duly assures collection of Tax by each and every individual and thus keeps on further simplifying the process. Why can’t be same be done for police verification services. Surely government will act upon improving police verification services ones the government realizes its importance and the dire consequences the nation faces due to its improper implementation and presence of corruption and bribery.

We as Indian citizens have been compelled to think that governments are run by groups acting in their own interests rather than for the benefit of the citizens. People have lost lose trust in government institutions and in those entrusted with power. With wholesale bribery at the top levels of the nation, we are losing sight of what is right and what is wrong. Our democracy has become a democracy that money can buy.

It’s high time when we realize the importance of police verification for safeguarding the nation rather treating the service for the benefit of society and citizens only.

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