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Our Authors


Amit Shukla

CEO & Founder, EasyGov

Amit is the Managing Director and Founder of EasyGov, the company behind the Vaktavya Blog. With 10+ years of experience in govtech and advisory, Amit Shukla brings his passion for government and welfare to Vaktavya through EasyGov. Amit's zeal to innovate and transform social protection with EasyGov translates into thought-provoking and research-oriented blogs on Vaktavya, which help provide various perspectives on the governance models in India as well as those worldwide. 

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Shelvi Garg

Research & Development Analyst, EasyGov

Shelvi is one of the key members of the EasyGov team. As part of the Research and Development team, she has garnered relevant experience and is passionate about fulfilling the EasyGov Vision of transforming social welfare. Her work with projects such as the Family Centric Welfare Delivery Model allows her to shine light on solutions that help enhance the inner workings of governance. 

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